Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The traditional Advertising Agency model - RIP?

Besides "my career reinvention & the great job hunt of '09" , writing this blog and other ordinary stuff.... I have been reading and learning, my field of interest has been focused on new media, interactive/digital, personal branding & social media marketing etc.... this is not only the future, but the present of advertising.

Recently I had a conversation with an old friend from college, he basically confirmed what I had been feeling for the past 5 years, the traditional advertising agency model is dead (don't feel sad, it had a loooooong life). What will replace these monoliths ? Swifter smaller shops, will clients still insist on a "one stop shop" mentality? Will it be segmented and niched? My early professional roots are in the US Hispanic side of the business, and this "time" reminds me of the early days in that business, where we where in the midst of defining ourselves and doing it at the same time, there where few rules to play by, and it all emerged quickly. What will define the leaders of this next era? Who are the leaders leading the charge? And what will the shop of the future look like?

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  1. Maria,

    Good question. I'll give you my perspective on this.

    The traditional advertising agency died when agencies got segmented into disciplines (media, production, strategy, promotion...and later interactive). What was left of the traditional agency was a shell function called account service...in essence empty suits, service folks with very little knowledge of marketing.

    What we are experiencing now is the demise of the segmented model – In my opinion not soon enough.

    A new paradigm of the advertising/marketing agency will rise from this. My agency for instance is a new model….perhaps closer to where the pre-segmentation model was heading before bean counters (from the holding groups) got involved.